Loop Hike, Death Valley National Park in Golden Canyon

I have been visiting Nevada for quite some time but never had I made the effort to make the trip to Death Valley National Park. First and foremost, Death Valley is known for being the hottest location within the United States year round. And Death Valley is the largest National Park in the US, coming in at 3.4 million acres.


When doing some reattach for my visit, I decided I would do the loop hike located at the Golden Canyon entrance which takes you face up to the popular Zabriskie Point and out through Golden Gulch. Most people view Zabriskie from the other side from a well traveled ‘view point’ but the truth is, the Point is only less than 2 miles in on the trail. It is truly a sight to see. The colors around you along this hike are breath taking. It’s like you’re in an alternate universe.


The trail is VERY well marked and you can do some alternate exploring down the several canyons along your way back to the Golden Canyon parking lot.

The hike is just under 6.5 miles and goes by quickly since there is so much to see. All different color rock formations and even some slot canyons towards the end.

Thanks to Modern Hiker for the detailed write up on this hike, which can be found HERE

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