Son Of A Gun In Beverly Grove

I actually lived near here years ago before this place ever opened. The Beverly Grove area of 3rd Street contains hot spots like The Grove, Beverly Center, Joans On Third, Bar Method, Magnolia Bakery and Toast Cafe. Son Of A Gun is a new restaurant open for lunch and dinner and I finally made my way back to my old stomping grounds to give it a try. I opted to sit at the bar (a very small bar) and order whatever the seasoned bartender told me to which included the Baked Crab Roll which was petite in size and the Uni Pasta.

FullSizeRenderThe crab roll was heaven… I can’t even really explain it. But let’s just say as I am writing this, I want more. It’s small in size so you don’t have to worry about it spoiling the next dish if you opt for one.


The Uni Pasta did not remind me of uni at all. It was just a creamy, melt in your mouth type dish and I’d reckon there won’t be a speck of it left on that plate when you’re done.

Son Of A Gun Restaurant

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

This recipe is so easy, anyone, yes I mean ANYONE could do it. And the result is so impressive that you will surely be reaching around to give yourself a pat on the back.

First… lets talk meat. This is the one and only important and somewhat crucial step in this recipe and preparation. Get. Good. Meat. If you take a shortcut here all your work and hours of cooking will have been wasted. I find that a good cut of Pork Shoulder Roast, which is what you will be using can be found at Sprouts Supermarket. I start with a 3-5 lb cut depending on how many people I will be feeding but usually go for the bigger cut because there is so much you can do with the leftovers. I opt to use mine for tacos or huevos rancheros for morning meals.


Put your slow cooker on low, you will be aiming for an eight hour cooking time. Line the pot with a half sweet onion and BBQ sauce. I use Sweet Baby Rays, The Original. Place pork in pot, with the more fatty side on the top. This will help the juices drip down and keep your meat hydrated throughout the long cooking time. Next, cover that meat with about 1/2 bottle of the sauce. And… thats it. That is ALL you have to do.


There is one additional step I take which can be followed or skipped. At about the 5-6 hour mark I check the meat and if it seems to be about 80% done close to being done, I take the meat out in chunks and take the big pieces of fat off. I also drain some of the grease and add a bit more sauce once I place all the good meat back in. This is a personal preference and in no way takes away from the dish.


When you’re done, serve as desired and wrap up your leftovers!

What I Wore, Quail The Motorsports Gathering

Every summer we do this event in Carmel, California during Auto Week and I usually opt for a shorter dress due to my petite size. But this year, months before this event I fell in love with layered and colorful This Issa Maxi Dress and knew exactly where it was going. This dress was every bit as luxury as it was beachy and casual and perfect for a lawn party. Paired it with my Celine Clutch.


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